Sales Managers may want to provide training to their employees, but they may not know where to start. Developing training content and hosting educational sessions for sales teams can be time-consuming, and ineffective if not properly implemented. Nevertheless, sales training is so important for sales managers and sales teams. Sales training provides consistency, predictability, and accountability within a sales organization. Keep reading our blog to find out why this is so important to achieving your sales quotas.


Implementing defined standards through online and in-person sales training can help improve performance and makes it easier to manage sales teams. The more consistent and repeatable your system is, the easier it is to manage, adapt, and measure.

Your sales team needs…

  • Consistent ways of handling objections
  • Consistent ways of leveraging products and relationships
  • Consistent high-touch and follow-up process
  • Consistent listening and nonverbal skills and expectations

It is extremely likely that your sales team craves professional development. While we encourage companies to offer sales training, we highly recommend you train them on a proven, repeatable, and measurable system. Individual professional development efforts will have a bigger impact if everyone learns the same system.


When it comes to sales, there are few things more exciting than predictability. Sales professionals can feel more confident and convert more sales if they can anticipate the next steps needed to close business. If individual sales professionals within your company are using their own systems and tactics, it creates chaos. It’s difficult to measure success and predict outcomes when everyone is working from a different set of rules. Sales training can create predictability by teaching everybody to work within a sales system.

Here is where predictability thrives within sales:

  • Predictable systems for your team
  • Predictable outcomes for sales calls
  • Predictable follow-up for lost deals

Predictability helps motivate your team because they know what to do in any given situation. It also makes it easier for you to empower them to fix the issues that are within their control.


Sales Managers – we want to give you some advice. You will struggle to hold your team accountable if you only measure closing rates. Employees need to feel empowered and appreciated in order to succeed, and that includes salespeople. Simply applying pressure to your sales team will not change behavior or improve results. 

Our sales system helps sales managers and team members define which areas to measure, and how to make improvements when goals are not being met. Sales Managers can hold their teams accountable to complete training and enact the system taught through the 231 Sales Interactive Learning System. The system will sharpen your team’s ability to handle objections, leverage products, and relationships, develop a high-touch process, and effectively listen and communicate.

Learn more about offering 231 Sales training to your sales team by reading about our courses or contacting us.

Does your company have an LMS? Empower your sales teams by enabling training for the entire team within your company. We can help sales managers license our sales training content and upload it to their LMS.