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Unlock your potential and increase revenue with 231 Sales. Designed by a skilled group of sales professionals and online learning professionals so you can learn and implement a proven, repeatable, predictable, and successful sales process to further your career.

Intentional High-Touch Process

You can obtain 31% increase in sales because we incorporate a high-touch follow-up process by providing daily email reminders, practical solutions and ideas, encouraging comments, and motivating you. The program is built to teach you a funneled approach to closing business, using skills and questions to help you uncover the needs of your clients. 

The Science of Habit Formation

 Did you know that it takes 30 or more days to solidify a habit? The strategy behind our program’s high-touch process is to help our participants build sustainable habits. We use the science-based psychology behind human behavior to give you the best possible learning experience, and proven strategies that will lead you to success. We provide you with a solid foundation and real results.

Layered, Two-Fold Approach

1. Our self paced training platform is geared to build the daily habits you can use to be more successful in your career through exercises, videos and practical application with your clients. 

2. We constantly motivate, remind, and educate you. Our T.I.P.S. emails provide practical steps from your course learning, ideas, easy solutions, motivation to keep you moving forward, and podcasts to educate you beyond the content on our platform.

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Why 231 Sales?

31% Increase in Sales

Our recent graduates show an average of a 31% increase in their sales after the completion of the program. In your interactive program, you will learn about: Handling Resistance & Objections, Leveraging Relationships and Products, The High Touch Process, and Listening Skills & Non-Verbals.

Industry Experience & Specializations

We’ve worked with several industries and have developed a specialization in finance, working with key partners like BlackRock, Eaton Vance, and John Hancock. Our system can be specifically catered to firms in asset management. We also work closely in other sales businesses, medical, and many other industries. 

Interactive, Engaging, Proven Learning

Our system differs from other sales programs, in that we will continue to engage and interact with you throughout your program. We also work with your marketing, sales, and L&D teams to launch a sales system that teaches consistent, predictable, repeatable, and successful sales processes for your entire sales team. 

Science-Based Learning with Real Results

Our platform is evidence-based and backed by science to help break old habits and adopt new ones that will accelerate your success in your sales career. 15 minutes a day can get you 15% closer to your goals, and we will be here for you every step of the way with reminders and motivation.

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