The Life of a Sales Professional
If you are a sales professional, this is the blog for you! Being in the sales industry is not an easy gig but there are so many opportunities to excel and gain an excellent quality of life. Read this blog about the life of a sales professional and let us know if you can relate by commenting on our LinkedIn post.
Staying motivated
Let’s be honest, it is easy for sales professionals to get burnt out. We are told “No.” far more often than we hear “Yes.” It’s our job to solve and overcome all types of obstacles. Sometimes, it is something outside of work that is causing them stress during office hours. Be honest with your managers about challenges, insecurities, business dilemmas, and communication issues – get resources to meet your goals!
Enjoying a self-paced career
Not everyone wants to solely rely on their quarterly success for income but many salespeople enjoy their career because it allows for a lot of personal freedom. Independent sales professionals get to choose their own schedule and can conduct business anywhere (especially since COVID has made us all accustomed to Zoom calls). The best salespeople are the ones who thrive with this type of independence and can hold themselves accountable.
Leveraging professional networks
Do you remember all of those years you spent making contacts at your last job? Well, they come in handy for the rest of your career. The best sales pros know how to leverage their personal networks to create a community of customers who benefit from their services. It’s always a good idea to keep building your contacts by creating a presence for yourself on LinkedIn, attending professional events and creating online content (i.e. blogs or podcasts). Pro tip: Specialize in certain industries to build trust and expertise within a niche
Potentially going global
As sales professionals, we know one of the ways to increase sales is to expand territory. This means many sales teams are the first department within their company to go global. This means, your career as a sales professional may have the opportunity to go global when you work with large or growing sales teams.